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Greetings from Legoland

Day 1:
We enjoyed our fist day in Legoland to the fullest! We admired wonderful Lego buildings and visited many attractions. Today will be full of fun, too!
Greeting to Slovakia from year 2 - Year 9 pupils.

Day 2:

Second day in Legoland brought us many adventures. We tried water attractions, played Nintento games, saw magic Lego show and we even made our own lego toys in Lego Factory!

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Presents for our Year 1 pupils

Just like every year, employees of STEFE Trnava, a company which deals with production and supply of energy, came to visit us. Every year 1 pupil received a bag full of school supplies. Thank you for your visit and we look forward to seeing you next year!

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Trip Summer Camp

During a sunny week of August, we got to know the surroundings of Trnava.
After a hike in Smolenice we had a barbecue, then we visited an exposition in the Bratislava Art House Bibiana, went horseback riding close to Nitra, enjoyed jumping to the fullest in Jump Arena, and the spa town Piešťany stunned us by its atmosphere.

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Fantasy Land Summer Camp

At the end of July and beginning of August, we met in Fantasy Land Summer Camp. We had a week full of games, fun activities and entertainment. We spent a lot of time together visiting Smolenice Chateau, Červený Kameň Castle, Frisbee Games and cinemas. We experienced a bit of our history, learned some tricks with the flying saucer, watched Incredibles and at the end of the week we enjoyed ice cream with our new friends.

Ms Marcelka and Ms Mirka, camp leaders

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Journey to Animal Kingdom Summer Camp

During the last July week we took a Journey to Animal Kingdom – a Summer camp full of adventures and new experiences. We visited a farm in Modra, minifarm in Lubin, Malkia Park, Bratislava zoo and many more. We ended our week with a visit to Modrova farm, where we learned about New Zealand inhabitants - Maori. We saw many animals, managed to feed and pat some of them or even and take photos.
It was a great week full of laughter and joy. Have a look!

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Medieval Camp

In one sunny July week there was a camp in which we all came back to the middle ages. During the camp we learnt a lot from the historian and the lady in museum. Apart from that we gained a lot of experiences – we had barbecue at Dobrá Voda, made knight’s shield and helmet, experienced treasure hunt, and also played various historical games.
Take a look…

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School trip to Piešťany

on 27th June 2018 pupils from 3.A and 3.B class visited Fisherman's Court in Piešťany. They watched the Antique Museum, where they could mint their coins and try an ancient fight - turtles. After the show, they sailed on the Hyperborea boat. The trip was very interesting and the pupils went home filled with positive experiences.

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Malkia park

Like many times, at the end of the year, we planned a whole-year trip together. This time we chose to go to Malkia Park, where we were welcomed by a lovely lady and many animals that we learned a lot about. It was a trip full of interesting information and great experiences. We had a great fun together and now we are looking forward to further trips that we will experience over the next few years.
Ms. Katka

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Live textbook with Year 4 pupils

Both Y4 Classes decided to visit the beautiful city of Banská Štiavnica in Slovakia. Two animators were waiting for us to accompany us to the elevated stone quarry. There we have tried to find and dig the ore and minerals. We stopped in the mine were we walked and experienced how our miners used to work. At the end we had an opportunity to process and polish our gems and to give these unique jewels to our parents.
Ms. Viol

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Annual Projects Presentation

Mass media, how to save the planet, 4 elements or how to improve the life of man - interesting themes presented in even more impressive form. As part of the Presentation of Annual Projects, pupils presented the results of their research that they shared with their relatives.

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BESST Art Exhibition

Our young artists from Art Studio experienced their second exhibition, which followed their first exhibition in Western-Slovak Museum. The art display was opened on Monday 11th June 2018 by Ms Adel, Ms Evka and Mr Jozef. All students received pens and diploms, and there was also refreshment for guests.
Art pieces represent different techniques - pen and ink drawings, charcoal, dry and oil pastel media, tempera, acrylic paint, ass well as linocut, combined techniques, ceramics... The exhibition is open to public on the first floow (at the carper) until 29th June 2018.

to see more photos click HERE

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Silver Lake Ranch

During our trip to the Silver Lake ranch in Galanta, organised within our Motivation system, we found out how to feed and take care of animals. Horse riding was also an exciting experience. Those who were not brave enough to ride a horse could take a ride in a horse carriage. After the farm tour a magician showed us some great tricks.

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BESST Sports Day

On 1st June 2018 our small and not-so-small-anymore BESST family members had their big day. We celebrated International children's day with Sports. Primary pupils had 8 interesting disciplines while Secondary pupils had tournaments in volleyball and floorball, as well as relay run. Exhausting competitions were followed by the evaluation and announcement of winning team. This year, Green Team won the competition and repeated their success from last year. Congratulations.

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Trip to Action Land

Fun, adrenaline, and excitement – these are all parts of our Motivation System. This time we went to the rope park Cunovo. Every one of us had an opportunity to test their physical strength while overcoming the rope obstacles.
We also had team games, which made us feel more competitive.
Our effort was rewarded by shared experiences and great memories.

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Week of the Blue Button

Every year in May, UNICEF Slovakia organizes the Blue Button Week collection. The aim of the collection, which took place from 14th to 20th May 2018, is to provide humanitarian aid for children in conflict areas in Ukraine. For children, who were forced to grow up so quickly. We would like to give them back at least a bit of their childhood.
For this reason our school was again involved in the collection that took place at school on 15th May. By purchasing lemonade or fruit skewers, we have also helped children in Ukraine. Together, we collected € 230.66. We would like to say a big Thank You to all pupils, parents and teachers who helped and contributed to the collection.

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