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BESST Christmas Party - Year 1 and Year 2

In a snowy magical land lived cute little elves. They were no ordinary elves, they were the first and second graders who prepared a beautiful Christmas fairy tale for their parents and friends at the end of December. With their Christmas songs, nice poems and rhymes, beautiful theater performances especially in English, they made lots of people happy. In the end, they all sang a beautiful song together and wished everyone Merry Christmas...

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Tree of fulfilled wishes

This year we managed to bring smile to children’s faces. Through donations project called ‘Tree of fulfilled wishes’ this year we donated presents to Trnava Children’s hospital.

Thanks to our parents, pupils and teachers we made Christmas nicer to ill children who were forced to spend Christmas holidays at hospital. We hope that our donations will bring joy to all little patients at the hospital.

Thank you,

BESSt Team

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Christmas Party - Year 3 and Year 4

On 19th December 2018 our school hosted a BESST Christmas Party for Year 3 and Year 4. Like every year, the programme was colorful and original. We prepared various performances for parents: dance, musical instruments pieces and short plays.
Both our students and parents enjoyed the evening.

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St. Nicholas Educational Concert

No testing, no studying when St. Nicholas is coming! With this slogan, pupils welcomed their class teachers on 6th December.
This day was even more special for us thanks to a music recital by pupils from Music School in Hlohovec. Even Mikuláš and his angels came to see us. At the concert we sang, we learned some new songs and even saw a nice play.
And as we listened for the whole year, we found a sweet reward in our classrooms.

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The Book Fair

Sometimes all you need is to disappear; to get lost in stories and explorations. Through books one can dive into oceans of magic, fairy tales and adventures. Thanks to an English book distribution company Megabooks we got a chance to wander through a extraordinary book forest, and to take home a piece of the magic with us.

Ms Janka

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BESST Drumming

In November, we celebrate the Internatinal Day of Prevention of Child Abuse, the International Day of the Convention on the Rights of the Child and the European Day of Protection of Children against Sexual Exploitation.
For this reason, on 19. November 2018, the 5th year of the Drumming event called "Making Children Better to Hear"was held at. All schools involved started drumming at the same time accross whole Slovakia - at 11:00. Pupils at BESST were more than happy to participate in this project once again.

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Debate with a writer

On 13.11.2018 we had a debate with the writer Mária Ševčíková-Vrkoslavová. Year 2 and year 4 pupils attended this lovely evening. Mrs Ševčíková-Vrkoslavová brought her brown cocker spaniel Gordon, to whom Mrs Ivet wrote a beautiful note into his student book. Mrs Ševčíková-Vrkoslavová started writing her books after her former dog Gaston saved her life.
After the debate pupils had an opportunity to buy book with a dedication.

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BESST sleepover

On November 16, 2018, we organised our first Quiz night together with a sleepover for students of year 5-9.

The students competed in teams of four to six members. Each quiz round consisted of two categories such as science, Harry Potter, school life, eco life, etc. All students proved their competitiveness and knowledge.

Congratulations to the winning team of girls from 7A “Devy.”

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bookmarks connect schools

On 25th and 26th October 2018, an exhibition of bookmarks made by BESST pupils took place at our school. The exhibition was successful and, after it was finished, the bookmarks were sent to the partner school in Bošany, who prepared bookmarks for us.

International Month of School Libraries (International School Library Month) was announced in 2008 by James Henri, President of the International Association of School Librarianship, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the International School Library Day.

The aim of the Czech-Slovak project

Establishment of network between Czech and Slovak elementary schools and high schools and support for reading through bookmark exchanges. Pupils create a bookmark using any technique in the theme of the Czech-Slovak project called ‘Tales, Fables, Stories without borders‘ and exchange it with pupils from the assigned partner school. School exchanges can be used to establish cooperation, contacts or language, literature, history, culture, regional customs or pupils' lives in different regions of the Slovak or Czech Republic as well as cross-cutting themes in the school education programme or as part of the school project .

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Theatre Visit

On 11th November we visited Teatro Wustenrot in Bratislava to see Ray Bradbury`s beautiful and interesting musical PYGMALION performed by English Drama Group. For many of us it was a great opportunity to compare the well-known My Fair Lady musical starring Audrey Hepburn with the theater adaptation and to see how the actors handled some of the famous scenes and dialogues.

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Opening of the Ornamental map exhibition at the Zichy Palace

On October 18, 2018, an exhibition of folk ornaments was opened in Bratislava. Our school was represented by Ms. Adela Melišeková, who, as the curator of the exhibition, presented ornaments drawn by children. BESST students also took part in this project – they created one poster of the ornamental map and 20 ornaments representing not only Trnava, but also adjacent villages.
The project "Ornamental map of Slovakia" is part of an international integration project, aimed at recognizing traditional national cultures and protecting world cultural heritage. The goal of the project is to represent Slovakia and its culture as part of the world cultural heritage.
The project motivates pupils to a creative co-operation on a joint work.
It respects the differences between children and the right of all to equal access to education without discrimination and prejudices.
The exhibition is traveling all over Slovakia, while the closing ceremony will be held in Vienna in 2019.

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EU Code Week 2018

From 6th October to 21st October 2018. our school participated in the EU Code Week 2018. The EU Code Week is also supported by the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sports of Slovak Republic.

Students from 4.A, 4.B and 6.B. took part in the project. They programmed in several environments:

1st on iPad = Ozobot, Lightbot Hour, Scratch Jr.

2. PC = Scratch

 What is EU Code Week? It is a grass-roots movement that celebrates creativity, problem solving and collaboration through programming and other tech activities. The idea is to make programming more visible, to show young, adults and elderly how you bring ideas to life with code and bring motivated people together to learn.

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Greetings from Legoland

Day 1:
We enjoyed our fist day in Legoland to the fullest! We admired wonderful Lego buildings and visited many attractions. Today will be full of fun, too!
Greeting to Slovakia from year 2 - Year 9 pupils.

Day 2:

Second day in Legoland brought us many adventures. We tried water attractions, played Nintento games, saw magic Lego show and we even made our own lego toys in Lego Factory!

To see more photos, visit our Gallery.

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Presents for our Year 1 pupils

Just like every year, employees of STEFE Trnava, a company which deals with production and supply of energy, came to visit us. Every year 1 pupil received a bag full of school supplies. Thank you for your visit and we look forward to seeing you next year!

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Trip Summer Camp

During a sunny week of August, we got to know the surroundings of Trnava.
After a hike in Smolenice we had a barbecue, then we visited an exposition in the Bratislava Art House Bibiana, went horseback riding close to Nitra, enjoyed jumping to the fullest in Jump Arena, and the spa town Piešťany stunned us by its atmosphere.

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Fantasy Land Summer Camp

At the end of July and beginning of August, we met in Fantasy Land Summer Camp. We had a week full of games, fun activities and entertainment. We spent a lot of time together visiting Smolenice Chateau, Červený Kameň Castle, Frisbee Games and cinemas. We experienced a bit of our history, learned some tricks with the flying saucer, watched Incredibles and at the end of the week we enjoyed ice cream with our new friends.

Ms Marcelka and Ms Mirka, camp leaders

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Journey to Animal Kingdom Summer Camp

During the last July week we took a Journey to Animal Kingdom – a Summer camp full of adventures and new experiences. We visited a farm in Modra, minifarm in Lubin, Malkia Park, Bratislava zoo and many more. We ended our week with a visit to Modrova farm, where we learned about New Zealand inhabitants - Maori. We saw many animals, managed to feed and pat some of them or even and take photos.
It was a great week full of laughter and joy. Have a look!

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Medieval Camp

In one sunny July week there was a camp in which we all came back to the middle ages. During the camp we learnt a lot from the historian and the lady in museum. Apart from that we gained a lot of experiences – we had barbecue at Dobrá Voda, made knight’s shield and helmet, experienced treasure hunt, and also played various historical games.
Take a look…

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