School Club Activities Adventures

Two musical concerts

On June 13, 2018, two musical concerts took place at our school. The first was performed for pupils of the first year and the second concert was for the parents. Yamaha pupils showed what they had learned during the year and played on these musical instruments: flutes, guitars, keyboards and drums. You can also see our music talents in photos too.



At the end of the school year, everyone enjoys the ending performances. One is called STARS. Students and pupils from BESST went to the school yard on June 8, 2018 and presented singing, dancing and language skills and talents to family and friends. They presented these clubs: singing, hip hop, Spanish, dramatic and dancing. There was a loud audience applause in the sunlit playground.


In April, we had an interesting and also educative presentation called Recycling. Children learned how to separate waste, watched video tutorials, presentations, and verified knowledge through entertaining quizzes. We used recyclable materials (eg plastic bottles, rolls, tops from the PET bottles, cans, plastic bags, polystyrene and newspaper paper) to produce artworks. Children made a great deal of interest and were looking forward to what they could produce from non-traditional materials. Our poster boards are now decorated with beautiful green snakes, interesting colorful seahorses, playful turtles, nice lambs and chameleons, aquariums with fish, spring flowers, funny octopuses and original paper bags. Older students from the Teens club helped us with the title "Recycling" from different materials. We celebrated the Earth Day in this way too.

Easter decorations

The spring came with the Easter holidays as well. Weather and nature around us are changing, and we remind ourselves of Easter traditions. For a few days our school club changed into a Easter decoration factory. We drew chickens, bunnies, and decorated with interesting techniques. We also tried to work with water glass and plant easter rye. Older pupils made some bunny noses and learned hor to weave „korbáč“.


Teens club is the aftertnoom school club, which represents fun and rest for second graders pupils.  Pupils play board-games after school, talk to each other, and use ICT for creating projects. They have good conditions for preparing for school for the next days. Their educator is  Mr. John. He is helpful  and openminded. When students do not have after school activities they have opportuninty to spend their time actively by playing table tennis, dodgeball, football or just being outside and using work-out machines on back yard. In this club we are always allright.


At the end of February, our gym turned into a colorful carnival. There were princesses, pirates, dancers, but also warriors, Indians, cowboys and other original masks. The competition was a piece of cake for some kids and they were full of fun. The reward was applause and diploma, which hold the red team. Carnival continued with dances and evaluation of masks. The prize and diploma won eight of the most beautiful masks and one hand made mask. The sweet reward did not leave any of the masks. We look forward to this action again next year!

Little Eskimos

The month of January was in the spirit of "The small people" living in the end of the world, full of secrets, mysteries and legends. Eskimo, or Inuit,
small, strange yellowish and brownish colour, with round faces, slanting eyes, wrapped up in furry fur, became the object of child creation in the after school club.
Polar bears, seals, whales and beautiful portraits of Inuit drawings are the result of the effort of our children and they decorate the common school boards.