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Bookmarks Connect Schools

October is the month when we remember the International Day of School libraries. The Slovak Pedagogical Library in Bratislava in cooperation with Jiří Mahen's Library in Brno annually announce for Primary Schools and eight-year grammar schools a Czech-Slovak project called Bookmarks Connect Schools on the occasion of October being the International Month of School Libraries.
This year's announced topic was: The Mysterious World of Book Stories. Our school has been participating in the projects for the last five years and in the private school BESST our pupils made their own bookmarks following the given topic. After the show, our bookmarks were sent to our partner school; this year it was the Elementary School Soľ.
Everyone - the little ones as well as the adults - enjoyed a nice display of the bookmarks. After the show we took the bookmarks down and sent them to our friends. They, in return, sent their bookmarks to us... this is how the school partnership works in the project entitled: Bookmarks Connect Schools...

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