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Adaptative week for the Y1 pupils

We started the adaptative week at the traffic course, where we learned many important things about traffic rules. By riding bikes and 4-wheelers, but also by walking as pedestrians we could test our knowledge and incorporate it into practice. On Tuesday, we visited Piešťany, we tried to learn how to play golf, went to a walk in the park, and in popular Lego-house we built a carrousel and learned about the centrifugal force! On Wednesday, we visited the ruines of Beckov castle, and in the afternoon there was "The Little Yeti" waiting for us in the Cinemax Arena. Thursday was magical. In the morning, a magicien showed us his tricks, then we were riding horses and in the afternoon, we were dancing during a lesson of zumba! The last day we spent in Kinder Club and had lot of fun together! We spent a wonderful week!

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