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A note of thanks from slovak writer

Dear Teacher, we had very good and pleasant feelings from the visit in your school. I was particularly surprised by children who were ready, disciplined, and clever. The work of teachers is clearly easy to see and believe me that I know what I'm saying - since I visited more than 180 schools. It is difficult to overlook areas where the teachers particularly pay attention to pupils and truly focus on work with them. I also noticed that the teachers paid attention to my narrative, too which made me very happy. I hope the children will take something from my books and will learn and remember the beautiful moments together with Gordon. They gave me the energy that everyone is lacking today ... Thank you again, we send our best regards to you with my husband, we wish you beautiful holidays, a successful and especially healthy new year, and Gordon sends you a handshake with his paw and the big lick on the cheek.

♥ Mary and Jaroslav Vrkoslavovci and - of course – Gordon