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Trnava Chess Ranking

Trnava's free time centre Kalokagatia hosts a chess tournament called Trnava Chess Ranking this year again. The first round took place on the 18th January 2018 and was attended by pupils of our school. Samir S. (8.A), Shabir S. (3.B), Sear S. (2.C) and Denis P. (6.A) have proved that chess is still an attractive and exciting game today. Samir S. was ranked  1st   in the first round. We keep our fingers crossed for him and the others in the next round. 



This school year the school round of the Mathematical competition „pytagoriada“ took place on the 13th and 14th December 2017.
The succesful participants of the school round who have proceeded to the district round are the following pupils:

  • P4 – Ema V. 4.A
  • P5 – Oliver H. 5.A
  • P6 – Michal M. 6.A
  • P8 – Miroslav N. 8.B


Thanks to the Slovenská pedagogická knižnica and the Knihovna Jiřího Mahena v Brně for a diploma due to the participation in the project "Záložka do knihy spája školy" and we are looking forward to the next year!

diplom_zalozka do knihy.png

Art Competition Success

This year, just like in the other years, we took part in the Art competitions. This year we participated in the following Art competition: " Fairy-tale world". Ninka from the 2.A grade won in the II.category a beautiful

iBobor 2017/2018

This year again we participated in the competition named iBobor.
There were  74 216 Slovak participants from 992 schools.
Our pupils competed in the following categories:

  •    Beavers – 4. a 5. grades
  •   Benjamines – 6. a 7. grades
  •     Cadets – 8. a 9. grades

In all the categories, we achieved some outstanding results, namely:
•    Category - Beavers:

  • 3. place:  D. Dudinskaia 5.B – 91. percentil
  • 2. place: E. Vargová 4.A – 97. percentil
  • 1. place: L. Šefčík 5.B -  100. percentil

•    Category -  Benjamines:

  • 3. place: M. Málik 7.B – 95. percentil
  • 2. place: M. Mako 7.A – 97. percentil
  • 1. place: F. Hypký 6.A – 97. percentil

•    Category - Cadets:

  • 3. place: L. Kissová 9.A – 95. percentil
  • 2. place: M. Nemčic 8.B – 96. percentil
  • 1. place: P. Krajčovič 9.A – 98. percentil

Of course, far more students from our school took part in the competition and we congratulate them all! All of them can be seen in the attached picture gallery.

School Results in Testing 9:

Year 9 pupils of Private Primary and Secondary School BESST rank in the Trnava region for the fourth year in a row in the first place in both subjects. Thanks to the results of testing 9 (T9-2014, 2015 and 2016), our school gains the position of the second best school in Slovakia.

More about results of T-9 2017

  • 1 437 schools took part in T9-2017. 36 454 Year 9 pupils were tested from mathematics and their average success rate was 56.4 %. Year 9 pupils of BESST School made this standardized test with a success rate of 80.6 %. 34 202 pupils were tested on their knowledge of Slovak language and literature with an average success rate of 61.2 %. Our Year 9 pupils' success rate was 79.5 % and this is the fourth year in a row that we were at the top of schools ranking from both subjects in Trnava region.

More about nation-wide school results

Here you can find complete information regarding results of T9-2014 – 2016 audit.

  • Private Primary and Secondary School BESST has ranked on an overall second place within Slovakia for years 2014 – 2016 based on NÚCEM testing T9. These internal calculations were verified, and our top ranking amongst nation-wide competitors accredited by an audit company AT Partners Audit, s. r. o.

Kompletná audítorská správa

Christmas songs and Carols

On November 27th, our school was filled with Christmas songs. Many pupils attended the competition in Christmas songs and carols. Not everyone could be the winner. But for us it was a fantastic time well spent.

In the category Modern Christmas Song - Solo singers the following pupils ranked accordingly:

1. miesto – Timea B., 3.A  
2. miesto – Agáta A., 4.B  
3. miesto – Nina J., 4.B

In category Modern Christmas Song - Singer Group the following pupils ranked accordingly:

1. miesto – Klára M. a Klára P., 3.A
2. miesto – Terézia V., Táňa P., Lucia M., 1.A  
3. miesto – Veronika O., 3.B a Nina J., 4.B

We thank everyone for participating and creating a nice pre-Christmas atmosphere.

School Championship in Chess - district round

On October 24, 2017, our pupils Adam H. (4.A), Sear S. (2.C), Shabir S. (3.B) and Samir S. (8.A) took part at a district round of this chess competition organized by Kalokagatia in Trnava. They successfully represented our school, together they achieved the 3rd place in team competition. In addition, Samir S. (8.A) achieved the 2nd place. Congratulations!

Slovak Language Olympiad

On October 23, 2017, the Slovak Language Olympiad took place in our school. Six pupils from the 9.A class were testing their knowledge as well as their wording and speaking skills.

School Championship in Athletics, district round

On Thursday of May 18, 2017 pupils of Year 6 – Ivan K., Tamara K., Laura S, Lada P., Rebeka M., Michal F. (6.A), Ruth B. (6.B) and Year 9 – Nina L., Jakub B., Timotej Č., Oliver S., Roman H. (9.A) took part at the School Championship in Athletics, which was held on the stadium of A. Hajdóczy in Trnava. We enjoyed the sunny morning full of great sports performances. Nina L. (9.A) won the 3rd place in 800 run. Congratulations. We are already looking forward to the future sports performances of our pupils.

My Trnava

On Tuesday of May 9, 2017 we took part at the awards ceremony within an art competition My Trnava in the Old Town Hall. Congratulations to our talented pupils Letícia K. (4.A) for 3rd place and Francesca K. (7.B) for 1st place in their categories!

School Championship in Gymnastics, girls – finals

On May 4, 2017, our small gymnasts Ela V., Júlia M. (3.A), Nina J. (3.B), Klára P. (2.A) and Alica R. (1.A) as winners of the regional round represented our school and Trnava region in finals of the School Championship in Gymnastics, cat. A. In this category of the Slovak-wide competition, 8 teams competed in total – 1 team per region. Gymnastics skills of our girls were getting better through individual rounds of this competition, reaching the higher level each time, also thanks to their trainer Mrs. Masárová. Although we did not reach the podium at the end of this competition, we are thankful for huge experience this competition gave us as well as for unforgettable memories for each of our representatives.

Young rescuers’ teams competition

On Friday of April 28, 2017, our pupils from 7.A zo 7.A Sofia B., David B., Andrej P., Tomáš D. and Marek Š. competed in district round of the Young rescuers’ teams competition, organized at yearly basis by the Slovak Red Cross organization. Our rescuers won the first place in their category (Y5-Y9). Congratulations, we are proud of you!

School Championship in Gymnastics, regional round

On April 20, 2017 our pupils Alica R. (1.A), Klára P. (2.A), Ela V. (3.A), Laura M. (2.A) and Júlia M. (3.A) took part at a regional round of the School Championships in Gymnastics, girls in Piešťany. They won the 1st place and so they are qualified to the finals of this difficult competition. Cross your fingers for our small gymnasts on 4th of May!

Logics Olympiad – Slovak Finals in Prešov

On Wednesday the 12th of April 2017, finals of the Logics Olympiad (5th Year) for pupils with advanced intellectual skills was organised in Prešov. Our school was represented by 4 pupils in 2 different categories: in the category A (Y1-Y4) by Leo Š. (4.B) and Lucia Š. (3.A), in the category B (Y5-Y9) by Frederik H. (5.A) and Laura K. (8.A). This year, our pupils took part at the Evening of Talents on the day before. During testing, their parents and supervisors could visit a workshop “We do understand talented children”, where different topics from the area of education of talented children were presented. From almost 100 participants of the Olympiad Leo Š. ended up as 11th in his category. Congratulations! We also would like to thank to 3 other pupils – all of them were successful solvers of the Olympiad – for representation of our school.

School Round of the IQ Olympiad 2017

In the week from 3rd to 7th April 2017, a school round of the IQ Olympiad 2017 took place at individual schools in Slovakia. From a total number of 10 929 participants, 240 pupils proceed further to a regional round, from which also our pupils Timotej Č. and Oliver S. (9.A) will represent us. Congratulations!

Memorial of J. Hollý – District Round

Rebeka H. (3.A) and Miško F. (6.A) represented our school during a district round of the Memorial of J. Hollý on March 28, 2017 in Západoslovenské Museum in Trnava. Rebeka won the 1st place with her passage from a book My Granny’s Great Escape by Jeremy Strong. She is heading to a regional round of this competition! What a great present for her class teacher Miss Viol, who has been preparing her for this contest and accompanied her during this very special day. It could not get any more extraordinary, as it was a Teachers’ Day! And in spite of winning any prize this time, Miško’s performance in category poetry was spectacular as well, and we are looking forward to his future success in various recitation competitions. We would like to thank both representatives for making this sunny and festive day even more beautiful!

Rozprávkové vretienko – District Round of a Recitation Competition

Congratulations to our Agátka A. (3.A) who won with her excellent performance the 3rd place in last, district round of this competition in recitation of fairy tales. Amongst all the participants, she performed as the last,but hopefully this was not her last performance in general, and we will see her talent radiating in a similar manner at different stages next school year!

European Finals of First Lego League Competition

It was the 9th time that our pupils competed in this international competition, consisting of four evaluated categories: Robot Game, Robot Design, Project Game and Team Work. This year, in total 90 teams were registered in Slovakia, with students comparing their skills within regional rounds at first. In Central Europe, it is the Hands in Technology who organizes the competition, and this year, 955 teams took part in it. Winners from regional rounds (127 teams) competed in 7 semi-final rounds, with 24 best teams who met on March 3-4, 2017 during the FLL Central Europe 2016/2017 in Regensburg, Germany. 

Our team IT-PRO-BESST (Adam M., Paul K., Jakub H., Michal M., Natália H., Paulína H., Júlia H.), under the supervision of enthusiastic leaders Mr. Rasťo and Ms. Nina, achieved the 10th place. They made us really happy and proud, especially with their 4th place in Robot Design and 4th place in Robot-Game Categories. Congratulations!

Pytagoriad – District Round

On March 14-15, 2017 our pupils Philip B. (3.A), Oliver H. (4.A), Michal M. (6.A) and Miroslav N. (7.B) took part in a district round of mathematics competition Pytagoriad. Mirko N. (7.B) won the 1st place in his category (P7) and Miško M. (6.A) finished at 3rd place in category P6. Congratulations!

Rozprávkové vretienko – School Round of a Recitation Competition

On Monday 13th of March we were pulled into a magical world of fairytales and fantasy by a school round of recitation competition Rozprávkové vretienko. During the last school round of all our recitation competitions we could listen to our enthusiastic reciters narrating well or less known stories, which reminded us of our own childhood. We would like to thank our pupils for making us feel fairytale-like, relaxed, playful and magical.

Jury decided to award the following pupils:
1st place: Agáta A. (3. B)
2nd place: Emma V. (3. A), Christian K. (3. A)
3rd place: Karin K. (2. A), Viktória G. (4. A)

Agátka A. from 3.B class is going to represent us in the district round of the competition on Thursday 23rd of March. Good luck!

School Round of the Singing Competition „Putujeme za ľudovou piesňou“ – Y5-Y9

We went on in this competition on Thursday the 9th of March, 2016, this time with performances of our Y5-Y9 pupils. Winners were:

Category II – solo singing Y4-Y6:

1. Ruth B. (6 B)
2.Petra B. ( 5 A)
3.Laura P. (4 A)

Category III – solo singing Y7-Y9:

1. Paulína P. (9 A)

Category IV – duettos Y4-Y6:

1. Anička B., Veronika U. (5 B)
2. Tamara K., Rebeka M. (6 A)

Thanks to all competitors for a pleasant afternoon and to Anička, Ruth and Veronika for representation of our school in a district round of this competition.


Exotic Birds and Fiction Writing Competitions – Awards Ceremony

On March 9, 2017 our pupils took part at the Awards Ceremony in Kalokagatia Centre in Trnava. They were amongst awarded in competitions Exotic Birds and Keď si vymýšľam (fiction writing competition), both organized by the above mentioned centre. Šimon M. (6.A) won 1st place in his category and Laura P. (4.A) won 3rd place in her category in an art competition Exotic Birds. Leo Š. (4.B) gained 2nd place and Adam S. (4.A) 3rd place in a category Y1-Y4, Laura F. and Jakub B. (9.A) won 3rd place in their category (Y5-Y9) of the literary competition “Keď si vymýšľam” (science fiction and fantasy writing competition). Congratulations to winners, we are really proud of them!

Memorial of J. Hollý – Local District Round

On 7th and 8th March 2017 our pupils Rebeka H. (3.A), Lenka G. (4.B), Michal F. (6.A), Petra B. (5.A), Stanislav K. (7.B) and Peter L. (8.A) represented our school in local district round of the competition Memorial of J. Hollý, which took place in the premises of Západoslovenské Museum in Trnava.
Rebeka H. (3.A) won the 2nd place in her category (fiction, Y2-Y4), Michal F. (6.A) obtained 3rd place in the category poetry, Y5-Y6. Both of them are going to represent us in a district round taking place at the end of March.
We would also like to thank other participants for representing our school, and we hope that experiences they gained in the competition and suggestions of the jury will contribute for development of their talent in following years. We are looking forward to their future performances!

Animal Tracks

It is really not easy to identify the animals only by their footprints. Pupils who took part in this winter competition could tell you something about it. It was Kenzi B. (1.A) and Martina A. (8.A) who won it.

Congratulations to both of them!

Biology Olympiad

On Monday the 6th of March, 2017, a school round of the Biology Olympiad, D category took place. In total 8 pupils from the 6.A class took part in it. They competed both in theoretical and practical part, where they had to prove their knowledge gained at school or beyond it. Thanks to all participants for taking part in this difficult olympiad.

School Round of the Singing Competition „Putujeme za ľudovou piesňou“ – Y1-Y4

Competition started in a very cosy and friendly atmosphere on Monday the 6th of March, 2017. Sun was peeking through the windows of the 3.A classroom to watch the performances of our youngest first graders and their older mates. They were all doing their best and our jury went througha very difficult decision-making process. Are you curious about the results? Take a look at our chart:

Solo singing:
1. Agáta A. (3. B)
2. Ivana K. ( 1A)
3. Tereza H. (1 B)
1. Agáta A. (3 B)
2. Ivana K. ( 1 A)
3. Tereza H. (1 B)

1. Nina J., Letícia B. (3.B)
2. Linda P., Jazmína Č. (3.B) a Alicia K., Nina Š. ( 1.A) – 2 second places
3. Karin K., Klára M. (2.A)

Language Flower – Regional Semifinals

2nd day of March brought an enormous joy to our pupils, Veronika O. (2.B), Laura P. (4.A), Oliver H. (4.A) and Peter L. (8.A). They won the first places within their categories in the Language Flower competition. We are really happy for them, and wish them good luck in the regional finals taking place next month.

Trnava Chess Competition – 2nd round

We began March with participation of our pupils, siblings Sear (1.C), Shabir (2.B) and Samir S. (7.B), Adam (3.A) and Tadeáš H. (6.A) and Ondrej D. (6.A) in the second round of Trnava Chess Competition.
This time Samir S. (7.B) finished at one of two awarded first places, and his youngest brother Sear (2.A) is also coming up on the ladder. Congratulations. We cannot wait for achievements that the last, third, round taking place in April, will bring to us.

Spelling Bee

It’s almost Spring and the bees are buzzing. This week our own school was buzzing with the sound of bees. Spelling bees, that is. The pupils of BESST primary school, grades 2-7, put their best spelling feet forward and took part in a school wide spelling bee. Throughout the week, pupils competed in class rounds sending their top spellers to the finals. It was an exciting competition as we had many stupendous spellers. In all, 13 contestants participated in 3 different groups. From the first group, which consisted of 2nd and 3rd graders, our winner was Rebeka H. (3.A) with the word “tropical”. From our second group, made up of 4th and 5th graders, Nina B. (5.A) won by spelling “doubtful”. Finally, in our “seniors” round, Michal F. (6.A) took the prize by spelling “ambulance”. There was great enthusiasm and our participants put their all into the competition. We are very proud of all our top spellers!

Logics Olympiad – School Round 2017

On February 16, 2017 our pupils with advanced intellectual skills met to compete within the Logics Olympiad 2017. Testing was done in two categories. This year the winners are: for Year 1 – Year 4 Leo Š. (4.B) and Lucia Š. (3.A) and for Year 5 – Year 9 Laura K. (8.A) and Frederik H. (5.A). Congratulations to winners, and we are looking forward to their performances in national round of this competition which will take place in April 2017 in Prešov.

Mathematical Express – MatX

On February 15, 2017 the selection of Year 7 – Year 9 pupils (David B., Tomáš D., Andrej P., Adam. M. (7.A), Miroslav N., Natália H., Samuel Š., Ivanka Ch. (7.B), Zuzana B., Richard H., Peter K., Laura K. (8.A), Paulína P., Nina L., Timotej Č., Oliver S. (9.A)) came to our PC room in order to take part in online mathematical competition MatX. This competition focuses on logics and is composed of 45 mathematical problems which are due to be solved within 110 minutes. Pupils were competing in individual teams, with 4 competitors in each team. This year the competing teams could compete in English for the first time. Our pupils decided for this, indubitably more complicated option. Despite complicacy of the competition our Year 8 team won the 3rd place amongst all competing teams from Slovak and Czech Republic! We would like to congratulate them on this great success and to thank to all participants for their endeavor in this difficult competition!

English Language Olympiad

On Wednesday February 15th Julka H. (8.A) took part in the regional round of the English Language Olympiad. In spite of not receiving any medals, she did really well in the tough competition. We would like to praise her for the knowledge, skills and the willingness to participate she showed as well as for her free time she devoted to the preparation

Memorial of J. Hollý – School Round, Y5-Y9

On Wednesday, 15th February 2017, another group of competitors was standing in front of audience and jury within the school round of recitation competition – Memorial of J. Hollý. This time our pupils of Year 5 – 9 competed in categories II and III. After their great performances the jury decided that the winners were as follows:

Category II – “Poetry”:

1. Michal F. (5.B)
2. Emma K. (5.B)
3. Nikolas F. (6.A)

Category II – “Fiction”:

1. Petra B. (5.A)
2. Šimon M. (6.A)
3. Lucia T. (5.B)

Category III – “Poetry”:

1. Stanislav K. (7.B)
2. Júlia H. (8.A)

Category III – “Fiction”:

1. Tatiana B. (8.A)
2. Laura K. (8.A)

We will cross fingers for the winners of each category in the district round of this competition – Miško F. (5.B), Peťka B. (5.A), Stanislav K. (7.B) and Tatiana B. (8.A). Take also a look in our gallery.

Memorial of J. Hollý – school round, Y2-Y4

During the school round of Memorial of Ján Hollý we could hear so many different stories that for most of us it would be impossible to remember them. Fortunately, our pupils of the Year 2- Year 4 remembered their stories very well and they also presented them in front of their parents, friends and jury in 3.A classroom in the sunny afternoon of February 13, 2017. Sun was shining through the windows and made them feel festive and optimistic, and so was their recitation. It was not easy for the jury to choose the best interpreters, so it took some time before they came back with their decision. Our pupils did not hesitate and fulfilled this pause with other types of creative activities, using either their iPads or blackboard. J

Finally jury decided that the winners were:

In category “Poetry“:
1. Lenka G. (4.B)
2. Christián K. (3.A), Oliver H. (4.A) – two second places
3. Karin K. (2.A), Lea T. (2.B) – two third places

In category “Fiction“:
1. Rebeka H.  (3. A)
2.  Ela V.  (3.A)
3.  Laura P. (4. A)

Congratulations to winners in both categories Lenka G. (4.B) and Rebeka H. (4.A) who will represent us also in district round of the competition. We would also like to thank to all competitors and their supporters – to pupils, parents and jury as well for the pleasant afternoon!

First Lego League – V4 Finals in Debrecen, Hungary

They were present everywhere. You could meet them in classrooms, in halls, on sofas. They have literally become an inseparable part of our school. You could see them every morning, day or even during evening hours. Did they ever leave school to go home? When did they eat? Did they sleep at all? Those were the questions occupying the minds of most of us when seeing the ultimate enthusiasm of our hard working IT-PRO-BESST team. As well as their numerous supporters from our BESST team who provided help and support to our pupils Paul K. (8.A), Adam M. (7.A), Nataly H. (7.B), Michal M. (6.A), Júlia H. (8.A) and their High School colleagues Paulína H. and Jakub H. (II.A), as well as their leaders Miss Ninka and Mr. Rasťo. During the weekend of 4.-5.2.2017 all their hard work was awarded by a victory amongst 27 competing teams from 6 countries at the First Lego League V4 finals in Debrecen, Hungary. In addition to total victory they also won 1st place in category Robot Game (314 points!), 3rd place in category Robot Design, and 2nd place in category Teamwork. And what is coming up next? Our IT-PRO-BESST team will take part in European finals in Regensburg, Germany, taking place on February 3-4, 2017. We will cross fingers for you not only for that weekend, but also during the preparations period. You are absolutely the BESST, and we are really proud of you!


SuperStar – district round

Whilst other BESST pupils were having fun in Jump Arena and KidsHouse in Bratislava, our three girls Anička B. (5.B), Tamarka K. (6.A) a Paulínka P. (9.A) represented our school in a cold Hviezda (Star!) Cinema in a district round of SuperStar competition. As we all know, in general cold is not good for vocal folds. Despite that Anička B. won 3rd place. And we think our competitors were awarded also by a short photo shooting with famous jury member.

Trnava Chess Competition, 1st round

On January 25, 2017 our chess representants – brothers Adam H. (3.A) and Tadeáš H. (6.A), Denis P. (5.A), together with siblings Sear S. (1.C),  Shabir S. (2.B)and Samir S. (7.A) took part in the 1st round of Trnava Chess Competition. Samir S. (7.A) won, and we are already looking forward to the next round of this chess competing which is going to take place on the first day of March.

SuperStar Competition

On January 16, 2016, after Christmas holidays, children voices could be heard  again in our school during the school round of SuperStar competition. Despite relatively short practice time all pupils surprised the jury by their briliant performances and choice of songs. And so the audience could enjoy various English pop songs or ageless tunes of Elan or Palo Habera. All of them enjoyed the atmosphere and once again it was definitely not easy to choose the best of the BESST. Finally the jury decided that the winners were as follows:

In category 1 (Year 1-3):

1. Alexander M. (1.A)
2. Lukáš M. (1.B)
3. Veronika O. (2.B) a Karin K. (2.A) – two third places

In category 2 (Year 4-6):

1. Anna B. (5.B)
2. Tamara K. (6.A)
3. Veronika U. (5.B)

In category 3 (Year 7-9):

1. Paulína P. (9.A)

In district round of the competition taking part next week our school will be represented by Alex M. (1.A), Anna B. (5.B) and Paulína P. (9.A).

School Championship in Rapid Chess – National Round

In BESST we know that all defeats in life are just another way of getting ready to win. Therefore we would like to congratulate our Samir S. (7.A) to his nice 6th place, which he achieved after four victories, one tie and two defeats in national round of School Championship in rapid chess last Thursday on December 15, 2016 in Topoľčany. Thank you for successful representation of our school, Samir. We are proud of you and we wish you a good luck in your future competitions.

Christmas Songs and Carols – Regional Round

On Tuesday, December 13, 2016 the premises of Kino Hviezda in Trnava sounded by beautiful Christmas songs and carols within the regional round of this competition. Also our pupils made a special atmosphere of Christmas come closer to us with their singing: winners of the unforgettable school round of this competition in categories Traditional and Modern Song and Group singing: Viki G. (4.A), Agátka A. (3.B), Paulína P. (9.A), Ruth B. (6.B), Laura P. (4.A), Veronika O. (2.B), Peťka B. (5.B), Jazmínka Č., Ninka J. a Letícia B. (3.B), Anička B., Tamarka B., Tamarka H., Emmka K., Lucka T. a Veronika U. z 5.B. Ruth B (6.B) and Laura P. (4.A) won the 2nd, respectively the 3rd place in the category Traditional Folk Songs. Congratulations to both of them. We would also like to thank all of the above mentioned girls for representation of our school and wish them merry Christmas full of joy and singing.

 First Lego League – Bratislava

Months of constant endeavour of our IT PRO BESST team was on Saturday December 10, 2016 awarded by 1st place in Bratislava qualification. We would like to congratulate to Júlia H. and Paul K. (8.A), Natália H. (7.B), Adam M. (7.A) and Michal M. (6.A), as well as to their schoolmates from BESST High School Jakub H. and Paulína H., and to their excellent teachers Miss Ninka and Mr. Rasťo for their victories in three out of four categories: Robot Game, Robot Design, and Research. Their hard work paid off as they even created a new Slovak record with a total of 225 points in the category Robot Game.! We cross our fingers for you in the V4 finals in Debrecin, Hungary. You are simply the BESST!

Discovering the magic of Chemistry

Congratulations to Adam M. (7.A) and Peter K. (8.A) who gained the honourable acknowledgment for their participation in a national round of the competition Discovering the magic of Chemistry which took place on December 9, 2017.

Chemistry Olympiad – D category

Peter K. (8.A) sa v školskom kole chemickej olympiády stal úspešným riešiteľom.

Srdečne mu blahoželáme!

Regional School Championship in Rapid Chess

We would like to congratulate to Samir S. (7.A) who successfully represented our school in a regional round of school championship in rapid chess on December 8, 2016. Thank you, Samir, and good luck in your future chess competitions!

Šaliansky Maťko Competition

On Wednesday afternoon of December 7, 2016 we entered the mystical world of watermen, land lords, spokes and other charactes coming from ancient times. It happened so during the competition in artistic narration of Slovak national tales called Šaliansky Maťko of J.C. Hronský. Talented narrators made the walls tremble and letters fall from the blackboard behind them. The jury decided the winners are:

Category I.
1. Rebeka H. (3. A)
2.  Zuzana M. (3. A) a  Zoe Z.  (3. B)
3. Christián K. (3. A) a Matúš P. (2. A)

Category II.
1.  Oliver H. (4. A)
2. Lenka G. (4. B)

Congratulations. In district round we are going to be represented by Zuzka M. and Oliver H. We cross our fingers for them and we are looking forward to their future stories.

Painted Dream of Christmas

Congratulations to Sofia T. (2.B) who achieved the 2nd place in art competition Painted Dream of Christmas!

Christmas Songs and Carols 2016

On Monday afternoon of November 11, 2016 we got together into Christmas spirit during a singing competition Christmas Songs and Carols, which took part in 2.A class.

Beautiful performances of our pupils created a very special atmosphere. They sang both traditional and modern Christmas songs in front of parents, teachers and jury, accompanied (or not) by music loaded by our assistant Tamarka H. (5.B). They were singing shyly or from the top of their lungs, but with all their hearts. It was all beautiful, impressive, and Christmas-like. We would like to thank all participants for making our day more beautiful.

It was not easy for our jury to choose the best performances. After a long discussion they decided the winners were:

Category MODERN SONGS – first grade:

1. Viki G. (4.A)
2. Agátka A. (3.B)
3. Laura M. (3.A).

Category MODERN SONGS – second grade:

1.Paulína P. (9.A)
2. Ruth B. (6.B)
3. Anička B. (5.B)

Category TRADITIONAL SONGS – first grade:

1. Laura P. (4.A)
2. Veronika O. (2.B)
3. Klárka P. (2.A) a Franciska M. (3.A)

Category TRADITIONAL SONGS – second grade:

1. Ruth B. (6.B)
2. Peťka B. (5.A)

In category GROUP SINGING the winners were: Jazmínka Č., Ninka J. a Letícia B. (3.B) for the first grade and for the second grade Anička B. Tamarka B., Tamarka H., Emmka K., Lucka T. a Veronika U (5.B), who opened the competition with a special performance for the public.

This year the jury decided to award a special price for attendance and lovely performance also to our courageous boys – to Philip B. from 3.A class and to Adam V. (1.D).


District round of Olympiad from Slovak Language

We would like to congratulate Timotej Č. (9.A) for his great 4th place in the district round of Olympiad from Slovak language, which took place on Tuesday, November 15,2016 in Trnava. Thanks for representation of our school!

iBobor 2016

Also this year we took part in a worldwide competition iBobor. In Slovakia a total of62 981 pupils from 921 schools was competing. And our pupils did not get lost at all! Here are the results:

Category Bobrik

  • Igor K., 4. A – 96,00 points, 100 percentile
  • Ondrej K., 4. A – 92,00 points, 99 percentile
  • Jakub T., 4. A – 68,00 points, 89 percentile
  • Agáta A., 3. B – 67,00 points, 85 percentile
  • Jakub H., 4. A – 64,00 points, 85 percentile
  • Ela V., 3. A – 61,00 points, 81 percentile
  • Vivien K., 4. B – 60,00 points, 80 percentile

Category Benjamin

  • Miroslav N., 7. B – 80,00 points, 100 percentile
  • Frederik H., 5. A – 63,01 points, 92 percentile
  • Marek Š., 7. A – 61,35 points, 90 percentile
  • Miroslav M., 6. B – 55,02 points, 83 percentile
  • Michal M., 6. A – 50,69 points, 79. percentile
  • Stanislav K., 7. B – 50,01 points, 77 percentile

Category Kadet

  • Peter K., 8. A – 69,34 points, 95 percentile
  • Richard H., 8. A – 64,34 points, 90 percentile
  • Lucián M., 9. A – 62,68 points, 88 percentile
  • Timotej Č., 9. A – 58,35 points, 80 percentile
  • Martin P., 9. A – 53,35 points 71 percentile

We would like to congratulate all pupils on their achievements. Thank you for successful representation of our school! :)

School Championship in Chess – District Round

In October 25, 2016, our pupils Adam H. (3.A), Denis P. (5.A), Ondrej D. (6.A) and Samir S. (7.A) represented our school in a district round of the School Championship in Chess, organized by CVC Kalokagatia.

Samir S. became an ultimate winner of this competition. Congratulations!

Slovak Language and Literature Olympiad – school round

On October 25, 2016 pupils from 9.A class attended a school round of the Slovak Language and Literature (SJL) Olympiad.  In total 16 courageous pupils were trying out various tasks and entries, presented their language and speaking skills, using all their fantasy and creativity in the same time.

And who won this challenge? The winner of the school round of SJL Olympiad is Timotej Č., who is going to represent our school in district round as well.

We all cross our fingers for him! :-)

Results of testing in English language by NUCEM

In the section Grammar and vocabulary, our school achieved 85 precentile, which represents the level of knowledge above average.
In the section Listening with comprehension we achieved 98 percentile, representing the level high above average.
In the section Reading with comprehension, our schoolwas at 91 percentile with level high above average as well.