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School Results in Testing 9:

Year 9 pupils of Private Primary and Secondary School BESST rank in the Trnava region for the fourth year in a row in the first place in both subjects. Thanks to the results of testing 9 (T9-2014, 2015 and 2016), our school gains the position of the second best school in Slovakia.

More about results of T-9 2017

  • 1 437 schools took part in T9-2017. 36 454 Year 9 pupils were tested from mathematics and their average success rate was 56.4 %. Year 9 pupils of BESST School made this standardized test with a success rate of 80.6 %. 34 202 pupils were tested on their knowledge of Slovak language and literature with an average success rate of 61.2 %. Our Year 9 pupils' success rate was 79.5 % and this is the fourth year in a row that we were at the top of schools ranking from both subjects in Trnava region.

More about nation-wide school results

Here you can find complete information regarding results of T9-2014 – 2017 audit.

  • Private Primary and Secondary School BESST has ranked on an overall second place within Slovakia for years 2014 – 2017 based on NÚCEM testing T9. These internal calculations were verified, and our top ranking amongst nation-wide competitors accredited by an audit company AT Partners Audit, s. r. o.

Kompletná audítorská správa

Success in English language testing::

Pupils of our 8.A class took part in English language testing on A2 level− user of language ISCED 2. Testing was realised by NÚCEM and overall 5470 pupils from 207 schools took part in it. Our Year 8 pupils continued in our last year´s success and tested with a success level of 78,8 % and percentile of 98., which means that our results are better than 98% of all tested schools.

More about English language testing results

  • In all three tested areas, listening comprehension, grammar and reading comprehension our pupils´ results were above the 95 percentile and therefore has Private Primary and Secondary School BESST ranked among the 5 % best schools in Slovakia.
  • According to pupil´s individual results 82 % of our tested Year 8 pupils have achieved above-average results.

IT-PRO-BESST Team Travelled the World with Their LEGO Robot

Seven young researchers advanced in the LEGO robots competition to a festival in Australia. First LEGO League (FLL) is the biggest robotic competition for children of age 9 – 16, and our pupils qualified from European finals to a world-wide festival Asia Pacific Invitational, which took place from the 6th until the 9th of July 2017 in Sydney.

Success of IT-PRO-BESST:

  • 2015 − Regional round in Bratislava − 5th place + exceptional award of the judges
  • 2016 − finale in Košice – 3rd place
  • 2016 − Central European finale in Debrecen (Hungary) – 20th place
  • 2017 − V4 countries + Bulgaria and Russia finale in Debrecen (Hungary) – absolute winner (Robot Game 1st place, Robot design 3rd place, Team work – 2nd place)
  • 2017 − Central European finale in Regensburg (Germany) – 10th place (Robot Game 4th place, Robot design 4th place)
  • 2017 − World-wide festival of the best teams Asia Pacific Invitational, Sydney (Australia)