School Club Activities Adventures

Little Eskimos

The month of January was in the spirit of "The small people" living in the end of the world, full of secrets, mysteries and legends. Eskimo, or Inuit,
small, strange yellowish and brownish colour, with round faces, slanting eyes, wrapped up in furry fur, became the object of child creation in the after school club.
Polar bears, seals, whales and beautiful portraits of Inuit drawings are the result of the effort of our children and they decorate the common school boards.

The Wish Fulfilling Tree and Christmas charity markets

Christmas spirit was present in every corner of our school in December. The Wish Fulfilling Tree was lit once again with love and compassion as we gathered gifts for non-profit organization Plamienok. The organization works with terminally ill children, so they don't have to be at the hospital but at home, with their parents and close family surrounded by love. The professional team visits them at home and provides them with medical, nursing, psychosocial and spiritual care. Thanks to BESST parents, students and employees we were able to help by donating gifts and fundraising money (437 euros) at The Club Christmas Market.  Big THANKS to everyone involved!

Christmas charity markets

We tried to promote a good thing and we decided to sell our products
from Christmas markets and pay for the non-profit organization Plamienok.
We organized charity markets with children and we opened a small booth with our products in one afternoon. Children turned into skilled salespeople, and parents and teachers became generous buyers. We collected a nice amount of money for which we thanks everyone. 

Christmas workshops

We can feel pleasant Christmas atmosphere in our school. We are already the mood too, and in the days from 04.12. - 08.12.2017 we opened Christmas workshops in ŠKD. We invited Mrs. Claudia M., who is a mum of our student Aila M. We created hand-made Christmas decorations, glittering snowflakes, little Christmas trees from cones, snowmen from clothes pegs and Christmas greetings. Pupils from other clubs Art workshop, Intuitive crafts, Art studio joined in with us too and they were creating hearts from beads, angels, Christmas wreaths, candleholders and weights. We are slowly creating the Christmas atmosphere that you can smell everywhere in our school


Our School Club celebrated the beginning of the new school year with an interesting Comics contest. Pupils created Comics about the Deer, The Shaggy Dog, Scary School of Letters, and The Fairy Comics. We evaluated the competition in honor of the International Day of Comics, and the winner became the King Kong in the unicorn country made by pupils of 1C and 2D class. Congratulations!